With the largest hire fleet in UAE for water jetting machines and associated equipment, you can be sure of a fast, efficient and professional service for what you want and when you require it. Products ranging with varying pressures and flows and a choice of water jetting Accessories and tools to enhance them, all available for short / long term hires.

ALUMINUM Hardened deposits, filters, floors, tanks 10,000 – 36,000 psi
AUTOMOTIVE PLANTS Paint booths, machinery, conveyors, grating 10,000 – 36,000 psi
CHEMICAL PLANTS Boiler tubes, heat exchangers, condensers, piping, vessels, reactors, general facilities 10,000 – 36,000 psi
CONSTRUCTION Removal of marine growth, surface preparation for re-painting, coating of ship hulls/decks, ballast tank, condensers, boiler tubes cleaning, underwater hull cleaning, platforms 20,000 – 36,000 psi
MARINE Concrete cutting, exposing aggregate, Concrete Demolition 10,000 – 36,000 psi
OILFIELD Production pipelines, cement removal from drill pipe, vapor lines, tank cleaning, coating preparation 10,000 – 36,000 psi
POWER/UTILITIES Heat exchanger, condenser, and boiler tube cleaning, removal of marine growth coatings preparation, surface preparation, nuclear decontamination, lead paint abatement 10,000 – 36,000 psi
REFINING Heat exchanger, condenser, boiler, and heater tubes cleaning, coke, water scale, and hard carbon deposit removal, inspection surface preparation, tank cleaning, reactors catalyst removal, pipelines 10,000 – 36,000 psi
SURFACE PREPARATION Rust, paint, salts, coatings, concrete, rubber, refractory removal. Cleans to a white metal finish to original profile. 5,000 – 36,000 psi
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