Whether they’re being used as heat exchangers or for condensing purposes tube bundles can be notoriously difficult to clean. Delight has invested in the latest portable UHP rotary and flexible lancing systems which enable us to remove blockages from previously uncleanable bundles.

We have semi-automated systems for cleaning both shell-side and tube-side situations which make the job several times quicker than traditional methods, meaning costs are kept to a minimum. Although this new technology is faster we will always consider the single hand held lance because in some circumstances this may be the best solution.

We are capable of tackling vertical and horizontal bundles with tubes as small a 10mm diameter. Straight or u-tube bundles – either can be cleaned whether in situ or on a jet bay facility.
Our systems are pneumatically powered and thus are safe for use in hazardous atmospheres. They are remote controlled and enable the operator to stand at a safe distance meaning the hazard of working in close proximity to high pressure components/ water jets and contaminants is removed.

The flexible lance cleaning method uses a lance that has superior flexibility for cleaning the pipes. Its small bending radius supports superior workability.In addition the flexible nozzle that is mounted at the tip can be chosen from variouse types of nozzles depending up on the spraying direction.