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water blasting and surface preparation

Hydro Blasting

Hydroblasting is a technique for cleaning internal and external surfaces, which relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the intended surface. Abrasives, toxic and potentially harmful chemicals are not used in hydroblasting systems.

Delight International Bundle Pulling and Extracting Services

Bundle Pulling

The Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor is a self contained unit, which is easily lifted into position by just one crane and can be operated by remote control. Because the unit is equipped with a small diesel engine, it can work independently at any place. The Extractor is standard equipped with a spark arrestor and a chalwin valve to make it possible to work even in dangerous areas.

Delight International Hydro Demolition Contractor

Hydro Demolition

Hydrodemolition (also known as hydro demolition, hydroblasting, hydro blasting, hydromilling, waterblasting, and waterjetting) is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated and sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout.

Delight intl water jet tube cleaning contractor

Tube Cleaning

High pressure water jet tube cleaning is widely used in various industries like textile, pharma, steel, chemical, refineries & many other industries for different applications. High pressure water is used to remove internal cleaning of tubes throughout a plant to keep the production and heat transfer efficient. There are several advantage of using hydro jetting method over other conventional method like chemical cleaning and brush cleaning.

Pipe Cleaning

Periodic cleaning need to be carried out for storage tank and supply/return pipe line which is an integral part of the health of the plant operation. Maintaining these decreases the operating efficiency and in some cases, can prevent replacing these piping system.

Cold Cutting

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