Specialized Water-Jetting

With an extensive fleet of water-jetting machines and an experienced workforce of water jetters and engineers, we are the proud to be the leading water jetting suppliers in the UAE. We provide all types of equipment varying in pressures upto 50000psi and water flow. We also provide related tools and accessories like hoses, nozzles, etc. as per the clients requirements.


Delight International is proudly the representative of Speed Major Cleaning (SMC) Group in the UAE, providing a variety of water jet nozzles, connectors and other equipment. The group designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced equipment and high-quality products such as adapters, nozzles, and water jet system accessories with a working pressure of up to 2800 bar.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning (Descaling)

We have semi-automated systems for cleaning both shell-side and tube-side situations which make the job several times quicker than traditional methods, meaning costs are kept to a minimum. Although this new technology is faster we will always consider the single hand held lance because in some circumstances this may be the best solution.

Oil Tank Cleaning

We can offer complete turnkey solutions towards tank cleaning services required for product change of crude oil, heavy fuel oil, gas and chemical storage with fixed and floating roofs for onshore tank farms. Our services are not limited to but include oil recovery, waste management and logistics solutions.

Heat Exchanger Bundle Pulling​

Our range of versatile tube bundle extractors are all you need for safe, efficient onsite tube bundle handling. To suit varied industry requirements we offer light and heavy tube bundle extractors for the removal and re-insertion of bundles of all sizes.

Hydro-Abrasive Cold Cutting

Water jet cutting is a proven method that can cut a wide variety of materials and can cut steel as thick as 8 inches. Using this technique, it is possible to economically cut a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, plastic, rubber, concrete or stone The light weight pipe cutter can be set up easily by one or two men in the field. Designed to operate from a horizontal to a vertical position, the whole machine is held in a place during the cutting phase by two wraps around chain and a simple banded wheel guide. The cutter will work in conjunction with water jetting pump unit at pressure from 10000 to 40000 psi.

Delight International Hydro Demolition Contractor

Ultra-High Pressure Blasting

Here at Delight, we provide several options depending on our client’s needs. 

• Hydro Blasting: WJ1 / WJ2 / WJ3
• Sand Blasting: SPS – SA1, SA2, SA2.5 & SA3
• Protective Coating & Painting
• Power Tooling & Surface Preparation

• Tank and Pipe Cleaning
• Ballasting
• Hull Crawler
• Subsea Jetting & Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning Services

With years of experience combined with modern equipment and the right chemistry to remove fouling, contamination and deposits thus protecting the system from corrosion. We have sound working knowledge and experience on hrsg systems, coolers, furnaces, pipelines, vessels, heat exchangers, district cooling networks, etc
Acid pickling & passivation (cs)

Stainless steel (ss) piping surface treatment
Chemical treatment & passivation of district cooling networks

Pipeline Flushing

The purpose of establishing high volume/ velocity circulation is to reduce the risk of damaging the permanent system namely the turbine, compressors, pumps, chillers and instrumentation associated which would result in reduced lifetime and huge maintenance costs if not attended prior to commissioning. 

We also offer other related services like Lube oil flushing, High volume / velocity flushing and Jet fuel hydrant system flushing.

De-Watering Services

Delight also leads the field in designing, installation and maintenance of dewatering systems for construction sites of all sizes and depths. We design, install and operate four primary types of dewatering systems: deepwell systems, wellpoints systems, sump pump systems, and ejector well systems.

Hydro-Static Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic testing is the primary method used to test for leaks and assess the structural integrity of meter skids, compressed gas cylinders, boilers, tubing, pipelines and other pressurized vessels. It’s performed by filling the system with water, pressurizing it up to a level greater than Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP), and monitoring for visible and/or measurable leaks during a specified amount of time. It is a way in which pressure vessels such as pipelines and tanks can be tested for strength and leaks following initial construction or repair work.

Surface Preparation & Coating Services

We provide a variety of surface preparation and coating services:
Hydro-blasting (WJ2/WJ3)
Abrasive blasting (SA 2/SA2.5/SA3)
Vacuum shot blasting
Protective coating

Poly-Urea coating